This year’s Angel Campaign has a deeper, more personal meaning for Barbara Grantham. As President and CEO of VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, Barbara has been a passionate advocate for our hospitals and health care teams, and this year, she has even more reason to give thanks.

In October, Barbara thought she hurt her back while running. In the three days that followed, Barbara’s pain became excruciating. She went to her GP, who sent her to VGH where she was diagnosed with sepsis, a bacterial infection of the blood, and a spinal bacterial abscess.

After 10 days in hospital, Barbara was discharged home with support from Vancouver community health teams, who helped her with a portable IV antibiotic pump that she wore 24/7 until mid-December.

“Throughout this journey, I’ve had the very best care from amazing teams,” Barbara notes. “From care aids, transport teams, food service workers, technologists, researchers, and nurses and doctors at VGH, UBC Hospital and Vancouver Community Health Services – I’ve met with dozens of dedicated people.”

“Because of these remarkable people, and in particular Drs Steven Wong and Grady Meneilly, I am well down the road to full recovery,” Barbara adds.

Barbara’s experience inspired her to express her appreciation through the Foundation’s Angel Campaign. The Campaign is designed as a way to honour the angels in our lives – a loved one, or a member of our health care team – by making a donation to support our hospitals and personalizing a message in honour of your angel. Each year, thousands of angel ornaments fill our winter wonderland of trees at VGH, carrying messages of appreciation for friends and family, and health care medical teams and hospital staff.

Barbara hopes others will take the opportunity to honour their angels. Since 2001, the Angel Campaign has raised more than $2 million to support our hospitals and health care teams’ most urgent needs. Learn more at

Make a donation and dedicate your angel.