You may recognize Ovey Yeung – the successful young entrepreneur is well known and loved in Vancouver’s social media scene and beyond. But in August 2014, her plans for a big move to San Francisco to further her career in the tech industry were immediately halted by a serious car accident. The hit-and-run left her in critical condition, with a broken pelvis, arm, and major brain injury.

Ovey – known to her friends and family as laser focused and extremely determined – rallied her fighting spirit into recovery, something she says she couldn’t have done without the world-class medical care she received and the support from loved ones.

After the accident, Ovey spent her first five weeks at VGH, receiving surgical treatment from the experts in the Orthopaedic Trauma Division to help heal her broken bones. Patients from all over BC are brought to VGH to be cared for by this highly specialized team of surgeons. The medical care Ovey received was outstanding but it is the emotional support the publicist most recalls. “Every day, they would come in with a smile or ask me how my day was.”

GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre – BC’s largest rehab centre – was Ovey’s home for the next four weeks. She was confined to a wheelchair for almost two months until she graduated to a walker. “I wanted to walk so badly I could taste it,” says Ovey. “So I worked extra hard at my rehab and I’m so grateful for all the help and support from my medical team at GF Strong.”

Ovey is now embracing her post-accident life while she continues recovery. She’s back on social media posting regular updates on her volunteer work and photos of her spending time with family and friends. Ovey is also a big supporter of the Scars Are Beautiful campaign, promoting positive self-image for those with visible scars.

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