Community leaders John and Mitzi Cannon

John and Mitzi Cannon have become respected community leaders. They have not only given their time, but along with John’s talent in gaining the support of his long term business connections, and in addition to John and Mitzi’s financial donations, have assisted greatly – along with other donors – in the ongoing challenge to fund the Hematology Research Program (HRP) at VGH. The program makes available new medications for those people dealing with blood and bone marrow cancers.

After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2001 and followed by a stem cell transplant in 2002, John was taken aback by the level of care and caring demonstrated by the complete team of hematologists and support staff at VGH. The decision was immediately made to give back wherever and whenever possible.

When first diagnosed with multiple myeloma there were only one or two drugs available to assist in the control of the disease. Today, thanks to the program, there are over 100 new medications being researched for multiple myeloma alone. Because of the program’s success, there are many patients throughout the province that, like John, are living extended and quite comfortable lives today.

John suggests there are many ways to give, by way of time, sharing personal contacts, and giving financially, to name a few. If every person could spare a small amount of time or give financially to the level they feel comfortable, then collectively it becomes a home run for VGH. The former commercial realtor and property developer is definitely an all-star performer on many counts. John has leveraged his extensive business networks to benefit many of VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation’s initiatives, including the Night of a Thousand Stars Gala, which helps fund our hospital’s most urgent needs. This wonderful event is also a thank you to the health care workers at our hospitals. John also makes an effort to educate the younger generation on the importance of giving back.

John and Mitzi look forward to continuing their efforts to assist wherever possible and at the same time generate the interest of those around them to do the same.