Detecting the onset of liver disease complications has been made easier with the use of a mobile screening device. The FibroScan machine, equipped with a specialized XL probe, is used by Primary Care Teams in Vancouver to provide comprehensive liver assessments and faster access to Hepatitis C treatment for patients who may otherwise develop chronic infections for liver diseases such as cirrhosis and cancer.

More than 60,000 people in BC live with Hepatitis C and more than 100 die from the disease annually. In BC, 80% of new diagnoses are people who use intravenous drugs. Engaging with this vulnerable group of individuals directly in their community reduces the possibility of the development of more serious health complications. The recently acquired XL probe attachment enables a full scope of FibroScan services allowing community treatment teams to provide services to all individuals regardless of age, stature or condition.

Thank you to an anonymous donor for funding this need for our community health care providers.

“We have been so fortunate with the donations received in the last two years to purchase technology that bears a direct impact on our clients’ access to comprehensive liver assessments and speedier access to Hepatitis C treatments.” —Misty Bath, Program Coordinator, Vancouver Community Hepatitis C Program