A wing of the tuberculosis (TB) ward at VGH has been renamed in honour of the many contributions made by the TB Vets Charitable Foundation. A longstanding and valued donor for more than 25 years, TB Vets has purchased equipment that assists in the diagnosis of lung conditions, and has provided vital support for TB research to help improve treatment for patients. Typically attacking the lungs, TB is a highly contagious disease that affects more than 300 BC citizens annually with the highest risk groups being foreign-born Canadians, the Aboriginal population and the socially marginalized. VGH operates the only TB Unit in the province where patients go for specialized care and treatment.

The TB Vets Charitable Foundation is dedicated to funding innovative research and recreation therapy programs that improve the health and quality of life for those suffering from TB and other respiratory diseases.

“This honour commemorates our founding Veterans, who faced insurmountable health, social and economic challenges following the Second World War, because of their tuberculosis afflictions. They knew only too well the devastation of isolation from loved ones and championed programs to address this, such as the VGH TB Ward.” — Kandys Merola, Executive Director, TB Vets Charitable Foundation