A new health centre focused on vulvar diseases will be a welcome relief to female patients who have often had to seek help from multiple health care providers such as family doctors, gynecologists, dermatologists and others in an attempt to find an accurate diagnosis. More than 1,500 appointments are made annually at specialty clinics in BC for women with vulvar diseases and 20% of women will have significant vulvar symptoms during their lifetime.

The new BC Centre for Vulvar Health, located in the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, aims to provide national and international leadership in health care education and research for those afflicted with vulvar conditions. Patients can expect a holistic approach to assessment and treatment services with multidisciplinary experts on site. Long-term goals of the Centre include an active research program and online services to provide access to physicians for women who reside in remote communities province-wide.

We are grateful to Judy Hager for her partnership in helping fund the new Centre that will improve the quality of life for women across BC living with vulvar disease.

“Our vision is to improve awareness and access to care for those affected by vulvar disease by recognizing that it’s not just about the pain, it’s about the woman in pain.” – Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program Team