Unique skin replacement therapy for severe burns and wounds

Project Lead: Dr. Aziz Ghahary

Burn, diabetic and pressure wounds cause debilitating pain and can lead to serious health complications for patients. The cost of treating these conditions worldwide is at least $25 billion per year. Despite current advances in the field, existing therapies for hard-to-heal wounds have yet to improve outcomes for patients.

In order to solve this problem, Dr. Aziz Ghahary and his team are developing an infection-fighting liquid skin substitute made of natural skin proteins. Dubbed MeshFill, the substitute can be poured over a burn, diabetic or pressure wound. Within 20 minutes of application to the wound site, it solidifies at body temperature to create a scaffold over which skin cells can travel preventing infection and allowing the skin to close.

Used in conjunction with a slow-release anti-scarring agent also invented by Dr. Ghahary, MeshFill eases patient suffering, speeds recovery and, for burn survivors, reduces the prospect of disfiguring scarring.

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