VGH is the leading hospital in BC for stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.  Highly trained and skilled neurologists, radiologists, nurses and other allied health professionals are on-call, 24/7.  VGH also helps stoke sufferers in all parts of the province through an innovative method called “Telestroke “– a telemedicine innovation that allows doctors at VGH to diagnosis and treat patients in other hospitals by instantly viewing their X-rays.

In Canada, 50,000 people – one every seven minutes – has a stroke each year. Another 500,000 live with its devastating effects. Strokes can hit any one of us without warning, at any time, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

“Few medical conditions are more personal than a stroke. It can strip you of your intellect, your independence, your speech, your dignity and, in the end, often your life,” says Dr. Philip Teal, Director of the Stroke Program at VGH.

The  Vancouver Stroke Program at VGH needs funding to continue to provide the very best stroke care and conduct research on stroke prevention. Your donation will also help expand stroke care to more communities across BC.

Learn more about the Stroke Program at VGH.