Your support is vital in impacting the successful care and recovery of our patients.

This was made clear as we reflected on some of the most incredible stories from 2019. Stories of resilience and recovery of patients young and old alike, fighting through the most complex and rare conditions right here at VGH and UBC Hospital.

Read below for a list of the most read stories from this past year, in celebration of the care we made possible together.

1. Wildland firefighter saved with donor-funded Brain Bolt

Ryan was driving to fight a forest fire when he suffered a terrible car accident that stopped his heart for 35 minutes.  At VGH, Ryan was the first patient in Canada to receive the Brain Bolt to help treat a cardiac case.

2. Ritchie’s astonishing recovery

Ritchie was out snowmobiling near his home in Squamish when suddenly the snow shifted from underneath. He crashed down 30 feet and on impact cracked his back on a metal bracket of his snowmobile, shattering his spine. At VGH, Dr. Brian Kwon led a complex five-hour surgery to repair Ritchie’s spine.

3. Revolutionizing ovarian cancer care and prevention for women worldwide

Dr. Dianne Miller is a medical visionary, leader, and health care innovator. Her work has revolutionized the care and prevention of ovarian cancer for women in BC and all over the world, resulting in countless lives saved. And her journey began right here at VGH.

4. Canada’s top dogs eradicating C. diff at VGH

Angus and Dodger are Canada’s top dogs when it comes to seeking out and preventing the spread of Clostridium difficile, commonly known as C. diff. Thanks to their incredible noses, VGH is leading the way in discovering new and innovative ways to reduce C. diff infections. The team is also growing with the introduction of new puppies in training!

5. ECMO machine saves patient from “widowmaker”

Simon Smith was heading into work when he started to feel winded. An unusual feeling for the healthy man who regularly biked to work. He had no idea that in a few hours’ time he would be fighting for his life. At VGH, the invaluable and donor-funded ECMO machine would save Simon from the deadly “widowmaker” heart attack.

6. VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation announces new President & CEO

After seven and a half years as the Foundation’s pivotal leader, Barbara Grantham has stepped down to explore her next professional chapter. The Foundation’s current Chief Development Officer, Angela Chapman, has been appointed the new President & CEO, carrying on the Foundation’s vital mission to inspire donors, transform health care, and save lives.

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