Your donations support vital research and help jumpstart new initiatives across Vancouver Coastal Health. Here are some highlights of projects currently underway that are made possible by donor support.

The next generation of health care

A compact, quantitative, and inexpensive opioid detector. The next generational leap for treating erectile dysfunction. And a data-driven approach to understanding obstructive sleep apnea. These three breakthrough projects were front and centre at the 2021 BMO Capital Markets Innovators’ Challenge, where three promising researchers pitched their groundbreaking ideas to a panel of industry experts. Donors, sponsors and health care partners helped raise nearly $200,000 in support of furthering these medical innovations.

Uncovering new treatments

Biomarkers are telltale signs of disease. However, some are so subtle they go undetected, leaving people vulnerable to developing disease without anyone knowing until it is too late. Thanks to donors, Pancreas Centre BC has been able to discover, study and validate novel biomarkers for pancreatic cancer. Since its launch in 2012, the Gastrointestinal (GI) Biobank has collected more than 230 pancreatic tissue samples from 1,500 patients. This information is directly impacting patient care and treatment plans, and is vital towards creating a healthier future.

COVID-19: Bench-to-bedside research in action

The majority of COVID-19 mortality rates are attributable to respiratory failure. Researchers at VGH and UBC Hospital partnered together to better understand the nuance of this failure, and whether it may be caused by a dysregulated immune response. By studying more than 58 patients in the ICU, our researchers have been able to make beneficial changes to treatment plans and improve care for the most critically ill COVID-19 patients. Learn more

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