Surgical Mitral Valve Repair. Percutaneously

Mitral regurgitation (MR) is the most common heart valve disease, affecting 5% of Western populations. Of this group, 20% will experience moderate to severe MR, requiring treatment. Currently, the gold standard treatment is open heart surgery, which is effective, but has associated risk. Because of this risk, the majority of patients in need of surgery are ineligible, indicating a significant unmet need. For patients who are eligible for treatment with surgery, they face a lengthy and arduous recovery of two to three months.

Dr. Peter Skarsgard discovered an innovative way to achieve the result of surgical valve repair with an implantable medical device. The device, based on proven surgical concepts, is delivered to the heart percutaneously (through a vein in the leg). Open heart surgery, and its associated risk, is completely avoided.

This innovation will reduce hospital and recovery time from 2-3 months to 2-3 days. Most patients will return to normal activities within a week. This will drastically reduce cost to the medical system, and provide a solution to the large group of patients who are not suitable for open heart surgery.

2019 Judges Choice Award Winner
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