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SB设计有限公司会将授权经销商所出售的每个Frenew孕期体枕的1美元捐赠给Sheway。 SB设计有限公司首席财务官David Kim表示:“我们的孕期体枕在妇女怀孕期间和之后提供了极大的舒适和耐用性,”Sheway筹款活动是向准妈妈及其家属提供更多自然的支持。 “阅览授权经销商名单,请访问 

募集所获善款将支持Sheway的多元化服务,包括为客户和家庭提供基本的,实用的和扶持性的照顾。 他们计划包括尽可能多的增加营养和新鲜食材,如牛奶和鸡蛋,并提供用具以支持婴儿如婴儿推车。 客户各有所需,Sheway团队解决了女性的独特需求,并借鉴社区的支持来扩充其项目。




3月28日,Joseph and Rosalie Segal 精神健康大樓對外开放,讓傳媒预览這个期待已久的设施,这些设施为那些需要精神健康服务或滥药人士及其家属提供良好的护理环境。大樓得以建成,全賴大慈善家Joseph和Rosalie Segal 作出一千二百万美元的慷慨捐赠,再加上医院基金会筹募的一千三百万元和由省政府資助的五千七百万元。

拥有100间私人病房,每个房间都有自己的洗手间,Joseph&Rosalie Segal精神健康大楼将成为省内针对心理健康和滥药问题最大的专门设施。

Joseph Segal说:“心理健康问题比我们大多数人所知的更为普遍,治愈并不容易,慈爱及理解对治疗至关重要,相信我们所捐赠的这座大楼将帮助踏出理解、宽容和康复的第一步。”

Thea Gilks 表示,她希望这个设施能在她的哥哥Trevor自杀前的四年建成,她说:“我认为这所大楼的建成展示了一个重要的信息,精神健康问题是需要我们重视的,应认真地处理和投入足够的资源; “我很高兴,医院正在开设一个现代化的设施,为有需要的精神病患提供服务。”

这座八层高的建筑将结合住院和门诊服务,以便为病患提供所需的治疗,方案和技巧。让他们重新投入社群。大楼将取代旧有的Willow Chest 中心(建于1948年)和温哥华综合医院的健康中心等设施(建于1943年)。它也是温哥华沿海卫生局精神健康评估中心的未来之家,该中心于2016年4月在温哥华综合医院的健康中心开放,稍后将迁至Joseph&Rosalie Segal 精神健康大楼新址。


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The Impact of Workplace Giving


Long-time TELUS employee, Lakhwir Boparan, talks about the power of charitable giving in her workplace.

Lakhwir Boparan has lived through every mom’s worst nightmare. In 2008, her 28-year-old son was involved in a terrible car accident. On life support and suffering from a traumatic brain injury, doctors thought he might not ever walk again, let alone recover. “It was a long, long road to recovery,” says Lakhwir.

“The doctors and specialists at both VGH and the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre helped save my son’s life. How do you repay someone for that?”

Juggy Sihota-Chahil remembers asking herself a similar question after her active, healthy mom suffered a heart attack five years ago.

“It was the worst moment of my life,” says Juggy. “The experience was traumatic and emotional for our whole family. But slowly Mom got better. We’ll never forget the amazing care she received at VGH.”

Both Lakhwir and Juggy were inspired to pay it back. As it happens, both are proud employees of TELUS in Vancouver. TELUS is committed to giving its employees and retirees a unique and easy way to support their communities and the causes they care about through the company’s workplace giving program. Employees’ charitable donations are automatically deducted through payroll. The best part? When an employee makes a donation, TELUS matches it, doubling the donation’s impact.

For Lakhwir and Juggy, the decision to significantly impact patient care by donating to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation was an easy one. “Because TELUS matches donations,” says Juggy, “I know my gift will have an even bigger impact. It’s a win-win for everyone.”



Sheway is a pregnancy outreach program located in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, providing health and social services to pregnant women and those with young children. For many, it’s a refuge for women and children struggling to cope with daily existence. However, until recently, Sheway simply didn’t have enough food for everyone.

Nutritious food is critical for ensuring the best outcomes for mother and child in high-risk pregnancies. No one understands that better than the staff at the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation of Canada. That’s why, in 2012, they reached out to help. Thanks to their generous $57,000 donation, all women at Sheway have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and milk for themselves and their families.

Thanks to a donation from the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation of Canada, women at risk have nutritious food to eat.

This gift of food has an even larger impact. Understandably, many of these women are initially reluctant to seek medical care or social services. They usually come from challenging or abusive backgrounds, with little trust in those around them. Providing free groceries helps Sheway develop supportive, trusting relationships with these young mothers, which in turn helps encourage them to access health care and other social services.

On behalf of the women and children who are being fed and cared for, we express our gratitude to the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation of Canada. In addition to their work with Sheway, they consistently demonstrate philanthropic leadership, compassion and care to thousands of people who receive excellent health care at our hospitals and through community services every day.

Sheway, a Vancouver Community Health Services program, provides health and social service supports to women with infants under 18 months and high-risk pregnant women who are dealing with challenges relating to alcohol/drugs, homelessness, hunger, malnutrition, HIV, Hepatitis C, poverty and mental health problems.

Before Sheway was launched in 1993, approximately half of the babies in the Downtown Eastside were born substance-affected and one-third had low birth weight. Today most children born to women who have participated in Sheway have normal birth weight, and most new mothers are able to take their children home.

Support the Sheway Program.