Dr. Patty Clugston was dedicated to helping women with breast cancer.

Thanks to donations from multiple individuals and organizations, recruitment for the Dr. Patty Clugston Chair in Breast Reconstruction Surgery has begun. The holder of the Chair will provide leadership in breast cancer treatment by increasing awareness and access to reconstruction surgery and ensuring consistency of care across the province.

Dr. Peter Lennox, who heads the Breast Reconstruction Program (and was Dr. Clugston’s close friend and office partner), knows the Chair will have a significant impact on patients throughout the healing and recovery process. “In Vancouver, we are putting together all the pieces to build a centre of excellence in breast cancer care, which will provide leadership in research and treatments for patients,” says Dr. Lennox. “The establishment of the Chair will be an important step in closing existing gaps.”

“It’s a wonderful thing and I was so lucky to have reconstruction as an option…it’s made me feel whole and complete.” – J. Gove, a former patient of Dr. Lennox


The Chair in Breast Reconstruction Surgery has been named in honour of Dr. Patty Clugston, a world-renowned plastic surgeon who devoted her life to helping women with breast cancer.

Until her death in 2005, Dr. Clugston fiercely advocated for efficient, consistent and coordinated care for women across BC. She saw breast reconstruction as an essential part of the healing process, which is why, in 1997, she launched the Breast Reconstruction Program at UBC Hospital.

Recruitment for the Chair has already begun, and the goal is to find a successful candidate by the end of 2014. VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is raising $5 million to fund the Chair, and remains committed to securing the final $900,000 needed.

We are grateful to the many forward-thinking individuals and organizations whose contributions are changing the future of breast cancer care in BC.