Legacy Donors

Glen Patterson fell in love with BC as young man and left a legacy his family can forever be proud of.

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Legacy Donors

“As a cancer survivor, I have seen firsthand the power of philanthropy in health care, this is why I’m giving back in all the ways I know how. A gift of securities now and in my will is important to me so that advancements keep happening even when I’m not around.”

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Legacy Donors

“Every day I lay eyes on her, I feel like it’s a magic, amazing miracle day. I am so grateful for the incredible support and resources she received at VGH to save her life.”

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Legacy Donors

“Gino wanted to honour the family name and his sister by giving to this area (leukemia). He wanted to make a difference to people with cancer and their families.”

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Legacy Donors

“Pat and I believe in giving our money to those who can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year and know that this gift to the Foundation will help support so many others of our community.”

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