Thanks to donors Norm and Pat Francis, the Hydrocephalus Clinic at VGH has been established to improve patient care. Hydrocephalus is a condition in which abnormal fluid accumulates in the brain, causing pressure that enlarges the head and sometimes causes brain damage. Led by neurosurgeons Dr. Brian Toyota and Dr. Thomas Zwimpfer, the multi-disciplinary Clinic cares for adult hydrocephalus patients, with the goal of providing ongoing care to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits.

Currently, there are 55 active patients and referrals continue to come from family physicians, neurologists and geriatricians across the province.

The Francis’ donation will enable the recruitment of dedicated clinic staff, a nurse practitioner, and a physician.

The next milestone for the Clinic is to create new resource materials to empower patients and build knowledge and advocacy. The team is excited about exploring partnerships to strengthen the transition between pediatric and adult care.

“Dozens of patients and families are finding their way to the Adult Hydrocephalus Clinic for expert care, support and information. It is a central source of hope for British Columbians, and this will continue to increase thanks to donor funding.” – Barbara Grantham, President and CEO, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation