Dr Saul Isserow

Originally from South Africa, Dr Isserow completed his medical degree at Johannesburg’s University of Witwatersrand in 1986. He then moved to Saskatchewan where he worked as a general practitioner and undertook training in physical medicine and rehabilitation — he later completed training in internal medicine and cardiology.

Dr Isserow holds a number of roles including: Director of the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) Centre for Cardiovascular Health, the Director of Cardiology Services at UBC Hospital, and the Medical Director of Sports Cardiology BC.

Awards Dr Isserow has received include: VGH People’s Choice Award (2005), Vancouver Coastal Health Clinical Excellence Award (2008), and VGH Master Teacher Awards from the Department of Anesthesiology (2003, 2013) and the Department of Medicine (2010). Dr. Isserow currently specializes in sports cardiology and preventative cardiology, and was the Cardiology Lead for the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010.

Dr Saul Isserow Sports Cardiology BC