Thomas Kinloch and his pal Coco

Thomas Kinloch lived life large. An avid world traveller, accomplished pianist and suave ballroom dancer, he knew how to have fun. In 2002, Thomas was diagnosed with heart disease. A lifesaving heart valve transplant at VGH got him back on his feisty feet. And participating in VGH’s Healthy Heart Program helped him continue to enjoy a full life.

“Thomas was one of those guys with a huge zest for life,” says long-time friend Nancy McKinstry. “He was an absolute delight to be around. What I remember most was his deep compassion for others and his drive to truly make a difference.”

And make a difference he did. A regular donor to VGH’s Healthy Heart Program, and many other research, education and community programs, Thomas wanted his donations to create value. This was precisely why he chose to leave a gift in his will to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation in support of the Cardiology Division at VGH. “Thomas was my patient, and an exceptional individual,” says Dr. Ken Gin, Head, Division of Cardiology, VGH. “His generous gift will have an enduring impact on cardiovascular research and our mission to one day eliminate heart disease altogether.”

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