When Rob Macdonald’s business partner Bob Glass suffered a serious stroke resulting in his death, Rob and his friend Ray Bergen discussed raising some money in recognition of the good work of Dr. Philip Teal who was Bob’s attending neurologist. Rob and Ray talked about this fundraising idea with some friends and raised a total of $165,000 in memory of Bob.

They later learned about the difficulties stroke research faced because of the uncertainty of annual fundraising.

In order to provide stroke research with some stable funding for the next five years, Rob and Ray made a plan to donate $25,000 per year each for five years to support the Vancouver Stroke Program at Vancouver General Hospital.

They then recruited other friends into the fundraising: Don James, Eric Martin, George Wong and John Mackay. The group’s generosity directly supports Dr. Thalia Field’s stroke research.

Every year, approximately 4,900 British Columbians suffer a stroke. Those who survive often live with devastating consequences including loss of speech and control over their body. Learn more about stroke health.

Ray and his group of friends gather together once a year to receive an update from Dr. Field on the progress of her research which is focused on reducing first-ever and recurrent stroke, as well as improving the quality of life for patients who have experienced stroke — and those who care for them.

In addition, her research on risk prediction in stroke-related diseases is developing innovative early therapeutic strategies. Hearing directly about the impact of their donations is meaningful and motivating for the group as they partner with us towards a better future for stroke patients.

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is incredibly thankful to Ray Bergen, Rob Macdonald, John Mackay, Don James, Eric Martin, George Wong and their growing network for their generous contributions totalling almost one million dollars towards vital stroke research and care in BC.

Like Ray and Rob, you can gather friends to fundraise for a health care cause that’s meaningful to you. Learn more and get started.