Linda Wong with her husband Wai Mo

In honour of Wai Mo Wong, his wife Linda, daughter Rainbow and granddaughter Kendal-Mei have given a generous gift to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation to support critical mental health projects including the new Psychiatric Assessment Unit (PAU) at VGH.

Opening its doors in August 2018, the PAU is a main entry point for mental health clients entering the health care system and is a gateway to them receiving the support they need. The PAU renovation was designed around the three core elements of psychiatric care — safety, respect and comfort. The larger, brighter and safe space is supporting their comfort and care.

We are incredibly grateful to Wai Mo Wong & Family, who provided the funds to rejuvenate the space. This gift will have a lasting impact, enabling positive outcomes for those with mental illness.

“When my husband Wai Mo passed away I wanted to find some way to honour his memory. Our gift has gone to support projects across VCH that are actively providing care to BC’s growing senior population and other vulnerable populations in our community.

— Linda Wong, Donor