L-R: Jim Jones, Linda Nimmerrichter Holmes, Dr. Don Griesdale, Donna Jones, Ryan Jones and Dr. Myp Sekhon

Linda Nimmerrichter Holmes, a lifelong philanthropist, donated $25,000 which enabled VGH to purchase the first multimodal neuromonitoring device in Canada, also known as the Brain Bolt.

Linda’s generosity provided intensive care physicians Drs. Sekhon and Griesdale with the tools to revolutionize traumatic brain injury care at VGH. The use of the Brain Bolt is saving patients who were previously thought “untreatable”.

“Advances in health care require a leap of faith,” says Linda. “We know so little about the brain, but we now have very capable doctors working together.”

The Brain Bolt first proved its utility in April 2015, when Olympic-hopeful freestyle skier Jamie Crane-Mauzy suffered a traumatic brain injury while competing at Whistler.  In 2016, the Brain Bolt was used for the first time on 22-year-old cardiac arrest patient, Ryan Jones, whose life was saved by placing the device into his brain to receive vital life-saving information.

“I’m very encouraged to know that not only is this technology saving lives, but it’s saving young lives. Families. All I can say is that I feel really, really honoured to have been able to do this.”

— Linda Nimmerrichter Holmes, Donor