For Roberta Beiser, the beautiful art you can find throughout Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehab Centre isn’t just for the patients.

“It’s for their families, visitors and the staff. When my partner was having an operation, I was going to be here for hours waiting, and I just started at the top floor and looked at all the art. It helped to pass the time, and that has a positive effect too,” says Roberta.

Roberta realized the uplifting impact art can have on people going through tough times after visiting a large hospital in LA and seeing its collection. And, as a former VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Board Chair, she saw an opportunity.

Through Roberta’s passion for art and drive to do good the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Art Collection was born.

Under Roberta’s guidance, what started as a few pieces scattered throughout VGH has since grown into a collection of more than 2,300 curated and wonderful installations across Vancouver Coastal Health campuses.

Having proved that art can humanize clinical spaces and expedite the healing process, the Art Collection has directly inspired other hospitals across North America to follow suit — truly trailblazing the path that shows the healing power of art.

“I’ve always appreciated art, so that resonated with me. I also saw the impact that I could have on thousands of people coming into the health care centres every day,” says Roberta. “As a donor, you feel that you’re contributing to the wellbeing of other people.”

The dedication, time and support that Roberta has put into the Art Collection has made Vancouver Coastal Health campuses more welcoming for all. For this we and everyone who walks down its halls are forever grateful.