One day, Garry Walker noticed he was so weak he couldn’t climb the stairs from his building’s parking garage to his office anymore.

Anxious about what this decline in his health could mean, he went to his family doctor, Dr. John Mail. Garry’s fears were realized when he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia – a rare blood disorder in which his body’s bone marrow wasn’t creating enough new blood cells. Garry was quickly admitted to VGH and quarantined for six days in the Leukemia Bone Marrow Transplant (L/BMT) unit.

“These were six of the most harrowing days of my life,” says Garry. “Only my doctors and my wife, Pat, could visit. I was so sick from the medications and tests, and all I wanted was to get better and go home.”

Happily, Garry’s story ended well.

“Thanks to the incredible doctors, nurses and medical staff, and my wife’s love and support, I’m walking and lifting weights again,” says Garry. “VGH saved my life.”

Inspired by the need to give back, Garry and Pat reached out to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. They decided to help support the future of health care by including a gift in their will to the Foundation.

“We know that the BC Government funds day-to-day operations, but medicine is changing so fast that donor dollars are needed to ensure that the hospitals and staff continue to have access to the best equipment, innovation, technology and training possible,” says Garry.

Join the Walker family and learn how your gift today will make a difference in the lives and communities of tomorrow. Learn more at