SPUD, an online grocery delivery service based out of Western Canada has launched a new STAY HOME box program. Announced earlier this month in Calgary and Vancouver, this first-of-its-kind delivery platform is a reliable food source and ensures seamless grocery delivery during these uncertain times. A portion of the proceeds from every STAY HOME box sold provides free or discounted boxes to front-line workers, at-risk community members and the charities that support them.

Starting this week SPUD is excited to announce the partnership with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. This partnership will provide the front-line workers of Vancouver Coastal Health access to fresh groceries delivered to their door.

“Our health care workers are facing an unprecedented situation. This partnership with SPUD, and thanks to our donors, is one way we can support our front-line health care workers and ensure that they keep themselves, their families and patients safe and cared for,” says Angela Chapman, President & CEO, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. “While we’re tasked with staying home, they are staying at work for all of us. We are so grateful for this unique partnership to express our gratitude and support for our health care heroes.”

“Our health care heroes are uniquely skilled to serve us as we face COVID-19. They have stepped forward and are risking their well-being to protect ours,” says Stuart and Della McLaughlin. “We stand behind them by applauding their bravery each evening at 7:00 p.m. but also feel the need to do much more. If we can save them precious moments to provide support at home, we will help in any way. With the SPUD STAY HOME Program we can eliminate the additional stress and exposure of grocery lines. It’s just another way to say ‘Thank You’ to these heroes for their continual selfless efforts.”

The first box to launch was the #WeApplaud Box, which comes filled with a predetermined assortment of healthy and essential grocery items, made up of fresh produce and non-perishables. Additional boxes that recently launched include: a pantry box, a produce box and snack box. Currently, product supply varies from week to week, so to ensure a complete order, SPUD will select product brands based on what is in stock to best represent each item listed in the box.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation as it allows us to help these incredible front-line workers who need access to fresh food,” states Peter Van Stolk, CEO of SPUD. “This program embodies our mission to be part of the solution and is the first of its kind in Canada. The program will subsidize essential food boxes to front-line workers which helps them go home after a long day of supporting us, and also members of our communities who are at risk and may not be able to leave their homes. We realize that many members of our community are in the front line of this pandemic and we are extremely proud to work alongside the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation during this challenging period as they support health care workers across Metro Vancouver.”

SPUD has already seen an increase in demand from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the implementation of the STAY HOME program, which created new jobs, SPUD has deployed over a 100 new delivery trucks on the road in both Calgary and Vancouver. While many Canadians are facing job loss, this initiative is helping not only front line workers get safe access to essential food items, but it’s keeping more people employed, specifically those in the hospitality industry.

Front-line workers and organizations that support at-risk community members interested in utilizing this service are encouraged to please reach out and sign up for the program via stayathome@spud.ca. Once qualified, SPUD will distribute coupon codes used to place orders for discounted boxes.

For more information on the SPUD HOME box program, including how to donate visit https://stayathome.spud.ca.

Free boxes for health care staff will be provided with donations to our COVID-19 Response Fund. Learn more and donate today.