In the midst of a global pandemic, our philanthropic community has never shined brighter.

Weeks before restaurants and offices closed, individuals were already beginning to step forward to donate what they could to support the health care heroes you’ve just read about, and the research still being conducted that will change our futures.

Businesses have stepped up to partner with us, providing what they can in order to do their part and help fight back against the threat of COVID-19.

And beyond funding, we are overjoyed with the gifts sent to our hospitals in support of those on the front lines: the personal protective equipment, essential groceries, the flowers and chocolates, meals and snacks, and the 7 o’clock cheer that our health care workers hear and feel every evening.

There have been incredible independent fundraisers from our partners in the community as well, including the Devin Townsend Quarantine Concert, DJ Neky’s live set from their balcony, the Chinese Golf Clubs Association fundraiser and the VGH Youth Leadership Team’s many activities.

You are the reason we do what we do, because we know you’re out there and ready to support those who care for all of us.

This is the final edition of our Impact newsletter, but that does not mean we’re done sharing stories.

We’re going to be updating and expanding our content in a new magazine that will be delivered this fall, allowing us to deliver more comprehensively the beautiful stories you’ve come to expect from our grateful patients and the health care heroes who treat them.

BC’s health care system is strong, and in no small part because of you. You have empowered us to continually transform health care and allow our heroes to do what they do best – improve and save lives.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your years of support.


Angela Chapman
President & CEO
VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

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