A look at the world-class clinician-scientists who give back to the very hospitals and health care centres they provide care in. How a devastating diagnosis inspired a $5 million gift to revolutionize urologic care and research in Vancouver. The team at VGH is innovating cardiac arrhythmia research and care, ushering in a new novel technique that precisely targets tissues and reduces collateral damage. New advancements from Vancouver Prostate Centre bring fresh hope to couples struggling with infertility. And the experts at VGH, UBC Hospital, and our supported health care centres are determined to transform women’s health inequities.    

This year, the Foundation is proud of the stories we’ve prepared for you. Stories of people in our community—neighbours, friends, family and loved ones—who received care when they needed it most.

Here are the top five most-read stories from 2023:


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Meet the doctors who give their expertise and their dollars

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How a devastating diagnosis inspires change

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At the heart of VGH: Innovating cardiac care with Dr. Jason Andrade

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Fresh new hope to couples struggling with infertility

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Breaking barriers: Reshaping women’s health

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