VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Announces Record-Breaking Success of Urologic Sciences Campaign

Raising more than $65 million in under two years, this landmark achievement, the most successful campaign in the Foundation’s history, saw several philanthropists coming together to advance urologic care and research. This marks the first-ever endeavour of its kind in Canada, surpassing the initial target of $35 million and setting a new benchmark for fundraising in its field.

The funds raised through the Urologic Sciences campaign will amplify clinical care, research, and knowledge across urologic disease, bringing improved care to patients in British Columbia (B.C.) first. Its impact will be felt beyond our province in areas including prostate, kidney and bladder cancer, kidney stones, bladder and female pelvic health, kidney transplant, sexual and reproductive health, and adolescent transitional urology.

Catalysing three decades of advancements and philanthropic investments in support of the Vancouver Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, this groundbreaking collaboration of B.C scientists and clinicians seeks to advance research and care for all urologic conditions. Dr. Martin Gleave, Executive Director of the Vancouver Prostate Centre and Head of the Department of Urologic Sciences at UBC, envisions uniting the team under a future Institute of Urologic Sciences at Vancouver Coastal Health. This will help attract top talent and drive pioneering advancements in urologic health, setting new standards for care in B.C., across Canada, and beyond.

“The funds raised from the Urologic Sciences campaign will drive transformative advancements across all areas of urologic sciences and innovation,” said Dr. Martin Gleave. “We are thrilled by the opportunity to attract the world’s best scientists and health-care specialists to B.C., fostering a collaborative environment of team science and transitional research. We aim to expedite the delivery of scientific breakthroughs to patients even faster, ultimately translating seminal discoveries into lifesaving therapies and cures for urologic diseases.”

“We are deeply grateful to our philanthropic community for their overwhelming support, which has made this campaign so successful,” said Angela Chapman, President and CEO of VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. “The $65 million raised will help our medical superstars discover new treatments and improve diagnosis and prevention here in B.C. Patients who suffer from urologic diseases and cancers will benefit from better care at home. We are extremely proud to say that VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is the leading charity investing in health care innovation in B.C.”

The campaign’s success was significantly bolstered by a transformational $20 million commitment from Mr. Mohammad H. Mohseni. This substantial contribution was pivotal in achieving the campaign’s success in the fundraising total.

“I am honoured to support VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation in its mission to advance urologic health care,” said Mr. Mohseni, Founder of the Mohammad H. Mohseni Charitable Foundation. “Honestly, I’m just thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the health innovations crucial to improving the quality of life among future generations. We will improve clinical care provincially while simultaneously advancing research in urological sciences globally.”

Examples of how the campaign’s philanthropic funds are powering groundbreaking advancements in urologic sciences, fuelling innovative research, pioneering minimally invasive surgical techniques, and enhancing patient care with cutting-edge technology and facilities, include:

  • Dr. David Harriman and his team’s research into early indicators of kidney distress following transplantation offers hope for renal transplant recipients like Peter Lamb and his living donor, Jesse Agassiz. Peter’s decision between dialysis and a kidney transplant was guided by Dr. Harriman and the Vancouver General Hospital Kidney Transplant team, showcasing the critical role of expert healthcare advice in life-altering decisions.
  • The Genomic-biomarker-selected Umbrella Neoadjuvant Study (GUNS) trial led by Senior Clinical & Research Scientists at the Vancouver Prostate Centre, Dr. Lucia Nappi, and Dr. Martin Gleave, will use genomic markers to provide more precise and effective treatment options for patients with prostate cancer. Through the generosity of donors, the team’s vital research extends beyond prostate cancer, offering hope to patients battling other urologic cancers, including individuals like Karen MacNeill. Karen’s journey and the efforts of her medical team led by Dr. Nappi underscore the transformative potential of finding the most effective treatments for rare urologic diseases.

The campaign has been led by Dr. Larry Goldenberg, Director of Development, Vancouver Prostate Centre and Mr. Rod & Mrs. Jeannie Senft, who have been grateful patients and supporters. “Being a part of the success of this campaign has meant the world to us,” stated Rod and Jeannie Senft. “So many supporters stepped up to the plate and contributed to this important fundraising initiative. We are all a part of our community and together we can make a big difference for individuals living with urologic cancers and diseases, as well as making a difference for future generations. This campaign will ensure that everyone living in B.C. and Canada benefit first from our discoveries, which may become global standards of care.” The campaign was championed by an influential and supportive Cabinet, and received generous support from numerous leadership donors.

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