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Thanks to philanthropic support of Brain Breakthroughs, teams were able to jumpstart or expand various neurology fellowship programs, from stroke and epilepsy to neurocritical care. Your generosity helped provide fellows with the training and experience to become future leads in their field. They will take this knowledge with them wherever they may practice to help more patients.

Meet the next generation of Neurology superstars.

Dr. Jonathan Gorman
VGH Stroke Fellow
Recruited to VGH Stroke Team

“This training was possible only due to generous contributions of donors to Brain Breakthroughs, and I will forever be appreciative for the crucial support to my education and early career.”

Dr. Grace Serrano
VGH Epilepsy Fellow Graduate

“The fellowship program you are supporting is an important part of offering better care to more patients.”

Dr. Maher Arabi
Joseph Chung Fellow in Epilepsy at VGH

“Canada needs more epilepsy specialists, so you are offering the opportunity for more clinicians skilled in epilepsy treatment to help more patients now and in the future.”

Dr. Lily Zhou
VGH Stroke Team Recruit

“I was inspired to join the team by the numerous exceptional clinicians who trained me at VGH and the examples set by phenomenal stroke researchers by Dr. Thalia Field. I cannot wait to make a difference to patients in my care. Thank you for your trust and support.”

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