Event Planning FAQ

Can I designate the area I would like the funds to go to?
Yes. You can decide on a specific area of the hospital or a specific fund that you would like the money to go towards.

Will the Foundation help cover expenses incurred?
The Foundation is unable to accept any financial responsibility or liability for your event, nor are we able to provide any insurance. Event expenses, event insurance and any permits or licenses are the responsibility of the event organizer. Donations collected at fundraising events may not be used to offset event expenses, according to CRA regulations.

Do we need a charitable registration number to hold an event?
You do not need your own registered charity number to hold an event. However, if tax receipts need to be issued on behalf of your event, then please ensure the Foundation’s charitable registration number is displayed on all promotional materials, as required by Canada Revenue Agency. Please contact us regarding tax receipts and we will provide this number if required.

Can we have a list of existing donors who might be interested in our event?
The Foundation follows strict privacy guidelines to protect the confidentiality of our donors so we are unable to provide contact lists to anyone. We can, however, help you identify the right audience for your event.

Will the Foundation provide volunteers to help with our event?
Though we wish we could help and participate in all events supporting our hospitals due to our limited resources and staff for most events we are unable to provide volunteers. However; we would be happy to discuss the scope and needs of your event, and if we can help we will.

Are there any restrictions to the type of events we could hold?
The Foundation’s fundraising activities are conducted in keeping with our core values and mission. Prospective community events must be compatible with our values and mission. We do not participate in any event deemed in conflict with our values or activities that could be perceived as being offensive, discriminatory, or detrimental to health and wellbeing.