Thank you for visiting our floral gratitude hearts at VGH. These displays were organized by VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation’s Art Program Advisory Committee in association with Fleurs de Villes to express our gratitude for the hard work and dedication of VCH health care workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Health-care workers have continued to be there for the health and well-being of our communities, despite the anxieties and fatigue that have come with the global pandemic. We have a deep appreciation our health-care workers and what they do and proudly stand behind them,” said Angela Chapman, President & CEO, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. “Hundreds of people on the front lines – from housekeeping staff to clinicians to unit clerks – continue to work at VGH every single day. We hope we can start their day with a little extra joy and gratitude.” 

You can help us spread our gratitude by posting photos with the hearts and a message of support for our health care workers using #HealthCareHighFive. Be sure to tag @vghfdn and @fleursdevilles.

Learn more about High Fives for Health Care here.

Donations to support the Art Program can be made here

The flowers will be on display until Sunday September 12 on the corner of 12th and Laurel and on Oak St. between 11th and 10th Ave.

About VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation’s Art Program

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation’s Art Program was formed over 20 years ago with the purpose of building an art collection to promote wellbeing, healing and recovery for patients, their families, staff and visitors. Since then, over 2,500 pieces of art have been donated and are displayed at VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong and numerous spaces and clinics throughout Vancouver Community. Recent scientific studies have shown that the presence of artwork in medical environments has positive benefits for all, including reducing stress and supporting faster recovery. 

Committee members Roberta Beiser, Mira Malatestinic and Grace Robin, were appalled by recent protests at hospitals across the province. It inspired them to take action and use the power of art to show support for the hundreds of people who work at VGH every day.