Door-to-Door Program

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is currently conducting door-to-door fundraising across Metro Vancouver with our valued partner, Public Outreach. As part of this program, fundraisers will be asking our community members to consider joining our Monthly Giving program.

Public Outreach is a Canada-based organization that helps charities, such as ours, recruit monthly donors.

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation fundraisers can be easily identified by their green vests and branded photo ID badges.

Our fundraisers are compensated through an hourly wage with no commission. They receive training, which allows them to speak on behalf of the Foundation about our mission and fundraising priorities.

Our partners at Public Outreach may call you to follow up on a conversation you had with a fundraiser, to thank you for joining our monthly giving program, or to verify the details of your gift.


Why does VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation conduct door-to-door fundraising?

Door-to-door fundraising is one of the most effective and personal ways we can engage those who may be interested in supporting the work of VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. While the provincial government funds the basic needs of our hospitals and health care centres, our donors help us invest in critical innovations that enable exceptional health care. For this reason, it is important that we continue reaching out to potential donors throughout Metro Vancouver this way.

Why is monthly giving important?

Monthly giving provides the stable and reliable support that we need to ensure seriously ill and injured patients from across British Columbia continue to have access to world-class care, now and in the future. By giving each month, you can help save and improve lives year-round by funding the equipment, technology, and facilities our health care teams rely on to carry out their crucial work. To become a monthly donor, click here or call us at 604-875-4676, toll-free at 1-877-875-4676.

Do you accept cash gifts at the door?

Our fundraisers will invite you to support VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation by making a monthly or one-time gift via credit card or direct debit. They will not accept cash gifts at the door. If you wish to make a cash or other type of donation, please contact us at 604-875-4676, toll-free at 1-877-875-4676, or email

Is it safe to give personal and financial information to the fundraisers?

Yes, we use tablets with encrypted software to collect payment information in a secure way. All the data we collect is immediately uploaded to our remote servers, processed, and then completely removed from the tablet. Your financial data is further encrypted according to the Payment Compliance Industry (PCI) Standards before being submitted to us at the Foundation to process your gift.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation respects your privacy. Any personal information we collect is used for donor-related and tax-receipting purposes, or to keep you informed about our activities, including programs, services, special events, or fundraising initiatives. We do not sell, trade, or rent out any names or personal information. You can view our privacy policy here.

I live in a high-rise, do fundraisers have permission to be in our building?

Yes, Public Outreach has a strict policy that requires fundraisers to get written permission from the building management or superintendents before entering a multi-dwelling unit. This is a mandatory requirement that must be submitted upon, or prior to, entry of the building.

I have signed up to be a monthly donor. Now what?

Thank you for becoming a monthly donor with us! You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of registering and a phone call to welcome you within one week. If you choose to donate by credit card, your first gift will be processed at the door. If you prefer to give by direct debit, your first gift will be processed within 5-10 business days. If you haven’t received an email confirmation or a phone call within a week of registering, please contact us at 604-875-4676, toll-free at 1-877-875-4676, or email

What if I want to cancel or change my monthly giving details?

You can cancel, increase, or decrease your monthly gift at any time by contacting us at 604-875-4676, toll-free at 1-877-875-4676, or by emailing Any cancellations or changes made to a monthly donation will receive an email or mailed confirmation.

When and how will I receive my tax receipt?

You will receive a consolidated tax receipt for all your donations in a calendar year at the beginning of the following calendar year (usually in February) to the email address or mailing address that you provided.

I’ve moved since I signed up for my monthly donation or my email address has changed—how do I let you know?

Please contact us by phone at 604-875-4676, toll-free at 1-877-875-4676, or email with your new email or mailing address information at your earliest convenience.