A world-class clinician-scientist who donated $1M towards a brighter future for health care. Treating and understanding the long-term implications of COVID-19. Remembering a legend who started it all. A nurse who fought for her life in the ICU at VGH. And honouring those who deserve it—and so much more.

This year has brought with it many challenges. Yet, perhaps surprisingly, the most popular stories at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation in 2021 are ones of hope, legacy, and resilience. Stories that without giving would simply not be possible.

Here is our list of the top five most-read stories from this past year:

  1. Spinal surgeon donates $1M to build ‘Living Lab’
  2. BC opens three COVID-19 recovery clinics
  3. Remembering Peter Bentley
  4. A nurse’s struggle to survive
  5. 2021 Leadership Award: BC’s Health Care Workers

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