The Brain Bolt

The Brain Bolt is a life-saving donor-funded brain monitoring device at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) currently the only hospital in BC, and one of only a handful in the world, with access to this innovative device.

When a patient suffers from a traumatic brain injury, medical teams can measure and modify oxygen levels and blood pressure in the brain to aid in recovery. But each patient and injury is different and it can be difficult to gauge the proper treatment.

Enter the Brain Bolt. Specialized catheters are placed into a patient’s brain for autoregulation monitoring. Their medical team receives vital second-to-second information, including oxygen and nutrient levels, blood flow and blood pressure. This allows them to tailor tweaks in treatment, completely personalizing care equipped with the best possible information.

By the Numbers

The Brain Bolt is used 40-50 times a year at VGH.

Over 140 patients have been treated with the aid of the Brain Bolt since 2015.

1 in 3 Canadians are affected by brain disease, traumatic brain injury or nervous system dysfunction.

Dr. Myp Sekhon and Dr. Don Griesdale, of VGH’s intensive care unit, first brought the Brain Bolt to Vancouver in 2015, aided by philanthropist Linda Nimmerrichter Holmes. Since then, they have saved the lives of patients who would have otherwise very likely never woken up, or suffered extreme deficits.

Their continued research for additional applications for this innovative technology could directly impact the care and recovery of thousands of additional patients.

“It’s not the Brain Bolt itself that improves outcomes. Rather, success is achieved when the information provided by the Brain Bolt is implemented by a multidisciplinary and expert team caring for the patient.”

-Dr. Don Griesdale

“Before Ryan’s case we applied a one-size-fits-all approach to regulating blood pressure on cardiac patients. Well, no more. Personalizing medicine with this technology could save thousands of lives.”

– Dr. Myp Sekhon

“The greatest reward in the world for me is seeing a patient go back to their family and their friends with a good quality of life.”

– Dr. Myp Sekhon

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Dozens of lives have been saved thanks to this new approach to patient monitoring and custom care.

Innovative new ideas like the Brain Bolt don’t come from any one person. They come from a community of innovators and investors, using their time, talent, and financial support to create system-wide change. And you are a vital part of that community.

We need your help to fund innovative research and vital medical equipment to help patients like Jamie, Brad and Ryan get expert help when they need it most. Donate today.



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