Impact Newsletters feature stories of people who have persevered through the most challenging health care crisis of their lives. Patients who, thanks to the care they received right here at VGH and UBC Hospital, are able to return home to their loved ones.

It highlights the vital impact your donations have on our hospitals and health care teams, and provides insight into how VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation partners with generous and inspiring donors like you to ensure people across BC receive the very best in adult health care. Together, we are transforming health care and saving lives.

 2020 Winter Impact featured stories:

Colin Dowler was hiking when he suffered a vicious grizzly bear attack. Read more

Thalia Otamendi was a lifelong soccer player until she suffered a concussion. Now she’s a researcher seeking answers. Read more

Birte Hunter suffered a spontaneous heart attack and only Dr. Jacqueline Saw of VGH could find out why. Read more

After Kathy Jenkins received complex care for a burst brain aneurysm, her and her husband Scott were inspired to donate their estate. Read more

Dr. Jacqueline Saw, Canada’s leading expert on SCAD Read more

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