When you or a loved one are seriously injured, sick, or facing a complex medical challenge, the assembled teams of medical superstars at VGH, UBC Hospital and our health care centres are here and ready to help. These world-renowned health care practitioners and researchers are here in our communities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering their skill and expertise to do what they do best—heal.

Thanks to people like you, our health care teams are equipped with the best tools and equipment available. Our researchers are able to study and cure complex health conditions for the benefit of all British Columbians. Our buildings and infrastructures can grow and evolve to make way for better, modern patient care.

Simply put, your support transforms health care in our province.

More than 10,000 supporters like you contributed over $8 million in unrestricted giving to power the most urgent needs of our hospitals and health care centres.

Please take a moment and enjoy reading about the life-changing impacts you and other supporters of our Foundation are making on health care every single day.

And above all, thank you for your support.

View the full 2023 Impact Report here.

Responding to Emergencies

The Emergency Departments at VGH and UBCH supported a combined 116,000 visits from people in need this past year, and donor funding is central to their ability to respond to complex and challenging emergency cases.

Unrestricted gifts like yours purchased equipment including a pediatric glidescope at UBCH that facilitates intubation for children. VGH gained four new critical transport patient monitors for the trauma bay, improving timely transfers to scanning, operating rooms and the ICU to better treat patients, and vital tourniquet devices to occlude blood flow in patients in need of surgery.


Your donations are making a direct impact on patient care.
To learn more about how VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is utilizing funds to transform health care, visit our financial statements page.

Your gifts have funded crucial equipment and research, such as: 

Wolf urology scopes $280,410
Simulation manikins $180,649
Home health monitoring study $75,000
Secondary brain injury study $75,000
ICU beds $56,082
Wound care chair $39,904

And much more! Thank you for your generosity. Together, we are transforming health care.


Other Reports

2021 Impact Report

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