Gifts of Art


In 2000, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation launched a program to bring visual art into our hospitals. Today, more than 2 400 pieces by notable artists grace the walls of our hospitals, all donated by local artists and collectors.

“We are grateful to our donors for their contributions to this innovative program,” says Dr. Bev Spring, a physician with the Palliative Care Unit at VGH. “Art helps to create an atmosphere aesthetically and attitudinally where emotional and physical healing can happen. This is important for the heart and soul of the hospital – and the hearts and souls of those who find themselves on the giving or receiving end of care here: patients, their families and staff alike.”

Art Advisory Committee

  • Roberta Beiser, Chair
  • Linda Bartz
  • Lilian Hudson
  • Katharine Knowles
  • Mira Malatestinic
  • Gerry Nakano
  • Coleen Nemtin
  • Jim O’Hara
  • Grace Robin
  • Pennylane Shen
  • Karen Smith
  • Dr. Bev Spring
  • Andy Sylvester 

For more information about donating your art or making a financial gift, contact:

Katharine Knowles
Art Collection Manager

Jim O’Hara
Vice President, Leadership Giving