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Hockey coach’s life saved by his own team

Stephen Gillis loves hockey. The game has always been a part of his life. From his years as a player all the way through to today where he coaches young kids. He’s a mentor. A friend to many. And in 2018, he nearly lost his life.

“I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease for many years and when I became really sick, I thought it was my Crohn’s acting up,” says Stephen. “It was a shock to find out I developed a rare form of kidney disease and lost over 90 per cent of my kidney function. A kidney transplant from a living donor was my only option.

It took a community to save Stephen’s life. It was his angels: from the kids he coached and the remarkable friend who gave an incredibly selfless and life-changing gift, to the health care experts who cared for both of them.

“My medical team was amazing and the technology was cutting-edge,” says Stephen. “The young people I coach are exceptional, and Michael is the friend everyone should have. Yet it’s because of donors that VGH was able to save my life.”

Read Stephen’s full story or watch the video below


Stephen's story

Make a gift to honour your Angel


About the Angel Campaign

From November to January, the holiday trees at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), UBC Hospital and GF Strong Rehab Centre will be filled with hundreds of angels carrying messages of love and gratitude to friends and family, medical teams and hospital staff, and all the Angels in our lives.*

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