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Innovative surgical technique saves young woman at VGH

It’s just a toothache. Or at least that’s what Joyce thought at the time. The pain would come and go so she wasn’t overly concerned, but Joyce mentioned it to her dentist who thought it was an infection and she was eventually referred to an oral surgeon.

What she learned turned her world upside-down. Joyce was suffering from a rare bone tumour called an ameloblastoma. It needed to be removed or it would soon leave Joyce unable to eat or speak. Without proper care, it could become fatal.

This is when she came to meet Dr. Prisman at VGH. Using CT scans and modelling of Joyce’s bone structure, Dr. Prisman utilized simulation software he and his team designed. It ran hundreds of virtual surgeries on Joyce before landing on the most optimal one for Dr. Prisman to perform.

Today, Joyce is happily moving forward in her life. She has a burgeoning business in calligraphy for weddings and events and is even looking to get married herself in the near-future.

“I’m so grateful for Dr. Prisman,” she says. “He saved my life.”

Read Joyce’s full story or watch the video below


Joyce's story

Make a gift to honour your Angel


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