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If you or a loved one needs surgery, you don’t want to worry. You need high quality care, followed by a swift and complete recovery.

Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and UBC Hospital are the cornerstones of surgical excellence in British Columbia. Whether we are dealing with tumours, traumas, or transplants, we are often the only place that can help.

Minimally invasive technologies, state-of-the-art operating rooms and a more efficient approach to delivering health care. It’s the Future of Surgery and it’s coming to British Columbia.

It’s absolutely vital. And so are you.

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Thoughtful Planning for the Future

Years of careful planning have gone in to the development of the Future of Surgery. Leaders from across our community and health care system were brought together with patients and frontline health care providers to develop a plan that will result in an efficient, effective, state-of-the art surgical program.

Two Locations: A Better Patient Experience

At UBC Hospital investments are required to increase its capacity for higher acuity patients and more complex procedures.

As part of the OR renewal project, UBC Hospital will see new and improved in-patient units, designed to support patient-centered care, including a new eight-bed high acuity unit that will support more complex surgical cases and sicker patients.

These improvements will allow more scheduled surgeries to be moved to UBC Hospital, allowing VGH to focus on emergency and trauma surgeries.

This will result in fewer cancellations and will reduce patient wait times for non-urgent procedures.

Hospital Hallway

Image courtesy of Vancouver Coastal Health.

16 New Standardized Operating Rooms: Increasing Efficiency

VGH’s current operating rooms were designed in 1979. Health care has evolved since then, and just like you wouldn’t want to use a 40-year-old cordless phone, these ORs simply weren’t designed for today’s technology and standard of care.

16 new universal operating rooms will be built, each containing:

• State-of-the-art surgical equipment, including wireless technology, electronic health records and digital X-ray equipment.
• High ceilings to mount lights, monitors and three articulating booms, increasing available floor space to improve flow and reduce clutter.
• Common features so that each room can host any type of surgery, with extra space to accommodate additional equipment as needed.

Rendering of new operating room at Vancouver General Hospital. Image courtesy of Vancouver Coastal Health.

Better Pre- and Post-operative Care

Renovations will include a new 40-bed perioperative care unit. This will combine pre-op and post-op recovery areas for more efficient care and a better patient experience to aid recovery.

Andrew Cho in recovery.

Andrew’s Amazing Recovery


What would you do if you were home alone and collapsed getting out of bed, suddenly finding yourself paralyzed from the neck down?

Fit and healthy 30-year-old Andrew Cho faced that very situation. He dragged himself by his chin over to his phone and called for help.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, a blood vessel had burst between his vertebrae applying so much pressure to his spinal cord that it paralyzed him. If he didn’t get the best surgical care in the province, he may have never walked again.

Read Andrew’s remarkable story of recovery…

The Future of Surgery is vital. And so are you.

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Making the Future of Surgery Possible

The Future of Surgery Cabinet (left-right): Bill Fox, Dr. Ryan Paterson, Tony Geheran, Cecilia Tse, Barbara Grantham, Dr. Hamed Umedaly, Josephine Nadel, Angela Chapman, Gary Segal, David Rowntree (additional cabinet members listed below).

Together, we have raised over $45 million towards a $60 million goal for the Future of Surgery.

Every dollar donated to the Future of Surgery will help save lives and transform health care in British Columbia. Whether you have donated online, at an event, in person, or via the mail, your donation will help bring the best equipment, staff, and research right here to Vancouver.

Thank you.

Below we have acknowledged donors who have given permission to be publicly recognized for their donation. Contributions are recognized as of October 2018.


Supporting us to secure our goal is the Future of Surgery Cabinet — an accomplished group of community, business and health care leaders who are contributing to the transformation of health care.

Community leaders

David Rowntree, Chair (Founder & Managing Director, Highland West Capital)
David McLean, Honourary Chair (Chairman, The McLean Group of Companies)
Peter Chieng (President, Famcon Investments Ltd)
Bill Fox (President, Ledcor Properties Inc.)
Tony Geheran (Executive Vice-President and President Broadband Networks, TELUS)
Heather Pei Huang (Director, AM & T Aviation Materials)
Josephine Nadel (Shareholder, Owen Bird Law Corporation)
Gary Segal (Vice-President, Kingswood Capital Corporation)
Cecilia Tse (Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Personal Real Estate Corporation, Colliers International)

Clinical leaders

Dr. Stephen Ho (Head, Division of Interventional Radiology)
Dr. Bas Masri (Orthopaedic Surgeon, VGH & UBC Hospital)
Dr. Adam Meneghetti (General Surgeon & Director of Education, Research & Development, VGH)
Dr. Dianne Miller (Head, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Co-Founder of Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OVCARE))
Dr. Ryan Paterson (Assistant Professor, Department of Urologic Sciences, VGH)
Dr. Eitan Prisman (Otolaryngologist, Division of Otolaryngology, VGH)
Dr. Gary Redekop (Head, Department of Surgery, VGH)
Dr. Hamed Umedaly (Head, Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care, VGH)

The Gaglardi Family

The Gaglardi family have donated $25 million, $15 million of which will catalyze the Future of Surgery and $10 million to support future surgical needs.

To honour the significant impact of this gift, the surgical centre at VGH will be named the Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Surgical Centre.

“My parents, Phil and Jennie, dedicated their lives to the service of others,” says Bob Gaglardi. “They had a passion for what they did, and were selfless in carrying out their desire to help people.”

The Gaglardi family’s gift is a testament to the way in which Phil and Jennie lived their lives and will improve access to specialized surgical care and health outcomes for thousands of British Columbians every year.

Leon Judah Blackmore

Local philanthropist Leon Judah Blackmore loved life.

The appreciation for life and community he acquired throughout his 81 years extended after his passing in 2015 with a gift of $18.4 million to VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. The donation amount is not a random figure. Eighteen, in Hebrew, means ‘chai’ or ‘life’ and that symbolism represents the fervent lust for life that Leon had every day.

$4.47 million of the total gift supported the Hybrid OR, and another $2.2 million was used to renovate what is now called the Leon Judah Blackmore Centre for Sleep Disorders at UBC Hospital.

Time to Shine Gala Committee

The Time to Shine gala has been dedicated to raising funds for the Future of Surgery since 2016. In that time the annual event has raised over $9 million, with a goal to raise another $3 million in February 2019.

The success of the gala would not be possible without the commitment of the incredible volunteer gala committee.

“In order to truly make a difference and to really take us to world-class health care we all have to contribute,” says Judy Leung, current Committee Chair. “Health care is everyone’s responsibility.”

Former and Current Committee Chairs: Cecilia Tse, Alice Chung, Judy Leung

Former and Current Committee Members:

Shirley Gaw
Cecilia Heung
Dennis Huang
Pei Huang
Sharon Kao
Priscilla Lam
Mandie Liang
Tirta Liu
Coco Luo
Phoenix Shih
Eric Woo
Karen Wong
Helen Yu

Chairman's Circle - Copper ($1,000,000 - $4,999,999)

Peter J G Bentley, OC, OBC
Sonny Bing Soon Leong and Florence Mauk Leong
Donald and Julia Tsui Lan Leung
The McCall MacBain Foundation
David McLean, OBC and Brenda McLean
Angus and Margaret Reid
Jack Senior and Family

Visionaries of Care ($500,000 - $999,999)

Julie and James King
The Dean Toye Alter Ego Trust
The Wolrige Foundation

Champions of Care ($250,000 - $499,999)

David and Alice Chung
Estate of Raymond Claude Godfrey
Jason and Emily Ko / Viva Pharmaceutical Inc

Trustees of Care ($100,000 - $249,999)

Howard and Gail Addison
Philip D Graham and Tricia Graham
Edmund and Cecilia Heung
Phoenix and Dennis Huang and Family
Dr Hilary and Patsy Hui
Richard and Lauren Ilich
Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation
International Taoist Church of Canada
Kin’s Farm Market
Robert and Lily Lee Family
Estate of Dorothy Ann Legge
Estate of William Douglas Leith
Dock Li and Dip Ha Leung
Tirta Liu and Sharon Kao and Family
DJ & JM Macaulay Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation
Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation
Alan and Gwendoline Pyatt Foundation
Joseph Segal Family Foundation
Synergen Projects Ltd
Giancarlo and Odette Tognetti Legacy Trust Foundation
Allen and Karen Wong
John and Linda Wong

Ambassadors of Care ($25,000 - $99,999)

Matthew and Christina Anthony
Yik Fung and Kam Duen Au-Yeung
Michael and Laurie Borden
Alice Wenhui Chee and Lynol Amero
Kevin Shui Loon Chiang and Family
The Chieng Family
Ronald and Ardelle Cliff
Bill and Betty Lou Fox
Tony and Lindsay Geheran
Pacific Javelin Consultants Ltd
Koo Family
Peter and Agnes Kung
David Leung
Bernard Y Lo
Xiao Dan Luo
Tony Ma
Trevor Mantle and Wendy Perkins-Mantle
Dr Dianne Miller
Moller Family Foundation
John and Dana Montalbano
Noordin and Nancey Nanji
John and Claire Nicola
North Growth Foundation
Notre Dame Pietas Foundation
Jack Poole, OC, OBC and Darlene Poole
Dr Gary Redekop and Lee Ann Wills
Paul Rowe
The David Rowntree Family
Juggy Sihota-Chahil and Dwayne Chahil
Dr Sobotka Family
The Tuey Charitable Foundation
University of British Columbia Cardiovascular Surgeons
Edison and Mira Wang
Christopher Wong
Frank and Connie Hsiang

Partners in Care ($1,000 - $24,999)

Ellen Flanders and Melvyn Ackerman
Ron Pultr and Jennifer Adams
AISA Realty Corp
Dr Fernanda Almeida
Hossein and Shahnaz Amanat
Amanat Architect Inc
Wendy Anthony
Artland Holdings Limited
Audrey Johnson
Gary Averbach
Ronny and Karen Baczuk
Michaela Baer
Yu Long Bai
Jacob Ball
Dan and Lori Barnholden
Dr Keith Baxter
Nicholas and Stania Bedford
Raymond Bell
Colleen Bell
Ron and Sandy So Benoit
Michael and Lesley Bentley
Marian Bergen
Walter and Karen Berukoff
Bhupinder Bhatti
Dr Jeffrey and Robyn Blicker
Body Plus Nutrional Products Inc
Dr Anna Maria Borowska
John Bourne
Robert Bovaird
Meredith Brehaut
Beverley Anne Briscoe and Arthur Vertlieb
Dr Ross and Mary Brown
Alix Brown
Steven and Karen Bruk
Per Brunes and Family
Man Duc Bui and Bach-Lan Pham
Lorne and Shelley Burns
David and Tamara Bustos
Vince Cardella and Sharon Gillis
Catafard Innovations Inc
Frances E Caton
Barry and Laurie Cavanaugh
CBA Electrical & Security Systems Ltd
CBRE Limited
Dr Maureen Ceresney
John and Carman Lum
Chan Foundation of Canada
Chris and Stella Chan
Patrick Chan
Jim and Henny Chan
Edward KW and Zenna Chan
Lillian and John Yau Pak Chan
Joseph and Susanna Chan
Diana Chan
Alice Chang
Angela Chapman and Mohammed Fikri
Tak Shing and Kammy Chau
Hau-Cheong Chau Foundation
Sylvia Chen and Family
Jimmy J M and Marie S Y Chen
Dr Jerry and Pauline Chen
Morris Chen and Ming Yan Liu
Zhao Zai Chen
S I Chen
Siyu Chen
Esther Chetner and John Cooper
Joseph and Margaret Cheung
Allan Cheung
Brenda and Eric Chew
Kevin Chiang
Ying-Nuan Chien and Ming-Fa Kao
Chinese Federation of Commerce of Canada
Dr Dean Chittock
Daniel Choi
Choice Communication (Canada) Ltd
Wing Pin Chong
Dr Kenneth and Susan Chow
Jim and Vicki Chu
Winnie Y and Donald King Yip Chung
Arthur L Cinnamon
Climar Development Co Ltd
Coast Capital Savings
Dr Robert J Comey
Dr Richard C and Lucy Cook
Stan and Jody Cowdell
Brian and Felicity Curin
Yue Zhi and Connie Dai
Lara Dauphinee
Dayhu Group of Companies
Estate of Evelyn Dean
Stanley and Rani Dee
Rong Pang Yeung and Rui Ping Deng
Winton and Barbara Derby
Robbie Dickson and Nicki Ravensbergen
Elayna and Bruce Diemert
Dorset Realty Group Canada Ltd
Neil Duke and Candace Yip
Dr Marcel and Sue Dvorak
Jean-Francois Eap
Calvin and Sindy Easter
Lesley Edwards and Harold Howard
Eighth Avenue Development
Vivian Eliopoulos
Emerson Real Estate Group Inc
Peter Y and Julia S L Eng
Dr David C Evans and Barbara Bell
Evoque Event Management
Dr Woo Hon Fai Memorial Foundation
Dr Jason Faulds
Samuel Feldman and Janet York
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC
Dr John and Meredith Fleetham
John and Sherry Floren
Dr Bruce Forster and Dr Kelly Mayson
Francis Chong
Dr Colleen L Froese
Jeff and Ada Lau
Wai Y. Fung
Dr Graham and Dr Elizabeth Wong
Dr Toni Sehon and Dr Anne Gagné
Dr Joel Gagnon and Erin Gray
Monika and Randy Garg
Dr Naisan Garraway
Donald and Karen Gauvreau
Derek Gaw
Derik Giner
Martin Glynn
Rusty and Lindy Goepel
Dr Larry Goldenberg, CM, OBC and Dr Paula Gordon, OBC
Daniel and Elaine Grant
Barbara J Grantham and Andrew Wilkinson
The Grewalson Family
Dr Donald and Peggy Griesdale
Anthony and Denise Guglielmin
Dr Morad Hameed and Dr Larissa Roux
Xue Ying Han
Roger and Jennifer Hardy
Zeeshan and Karina Hayat
James and Elspeth Helmcken
Antony Heung
Dr Mark and Evelyn Heywood
G Kim Hinkson
Dr Kendall Ho and Dr Joyce Sun
Horseshoe Press Inc
Toni Horst
Dr Robin and Karen Hsiung
Lynn Hsu
Hong Hu
Dennis and Dennise Hu
Benson Liu and Vivian Huang
Season Wang
Min Huang
Pei Huang
Cheng Chien Huang
Dr Steven Tsoung and Dr Shue Hway Huang
Gary Huebner and Michele Huebner
Chik-Wai Hui and Shuk Kin Kwok Hui
Brian and Kathleen Hurl
Bilkis Hussein
Milo Ilich
Olga Ilich
Trudy Jaskela
Lijian Jiang
Yue Jiang
Ingeborg Jonas
Dr Emilie Joos
K Ming Farm
Jonathan Kallner and Shannon Schulz
Karim and Rehana Kassam
Douglas Kavanagh and Pao Yao Koo
D Kelly Environmental Consulting Ltd
Douglas and Irene King
Neil and Judy Kornfeld
Marla Kott
Kirk and Carolyn Kuester
Mrs Shirley Gaw
Stephen and Grace Kwok
Jasen and Jennifer Kwong
Chun Tung Lai
Mike and Annie Lam
George Lam
Irving Laskin
Irene Lau
Dr Francis C H and Priscilla Law
Le Crocodile Restaurant
David Lee
Fiona Lee
Joyce Lee and Vincent Wong
John and Sau Lee
Leone International Marketing Inc
Gerald Leonard
Angela Leung
Dr Robert Levy
Janet Li
Shao Long Li
Shelley Li
Elaine Lai
Candy Lim and Peter K C Chan
Hweely Lim
Simon Lim
Jian Shen Lin
Qiong Li Lin
Charles Lingren
Lena and Kwai Cheong Liu
Fei and Kelly Liu
Ling Liu
Wei Liu
Jason Liu
LNG Studios
Spencer and Teresa Lo
Robert and Mollie Longo
Scarlett Lu
Gum Wun and Yuk Lum
Lucia Lundin
M & P Yacht Centre
Macdonald Development Corporation
Macdonald Real Estate Group Inc
Dr Ruth MacRedmond
David Mak
Dr G John and Alexandra Mancini
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company
Maple Freight Partnership
Bryce and Sara Margetts
Dr Bas and Dr Rola Masri
David Matthews and Debbie Bulla
Joy and Randy May
Dr John Mayo and Anna Bozac
Grace Chan and Marco Mazzucco
Dr Jessica McAlpine and Ken Yang
David McCleery and Cynthia Garton
Neville McClure
Gordon Gutrath and Diane McCurdy
Glen and Linda McCurdy
Amanda Mcdougall
Paul and Colleen McElligott
Stuart and Jennifer McFadden
Phillippa McKenna
Dr Adam Meneghetti
Fan Chun Meng
Midland Appliance Distributors Ltd
Nelson Mok and Helen Yu
Morrison Homes Bridge Street Ltd
John Murphy
Mary Ackenhusen and Daniel Muzyka
Dr Michael Myckatyn
Josephine Nadel, QC
Dr Najib Ayas
Sue Nam
National Tile (2005) Ltd
Jennifer Natland
Joachim and Susan Neumann
Nick and Michelle Ng
Charmaine Ng
Henry Ngai
Home2stay Accessibility Ltd
Joanne and Rudy Nielsen
Guy and Jean O’Byrne
Dr James Patrick O’Connor and Debbie Kyte
Paul Oei
Thomas O’Neill and Associates Inc
Oriental Investments Ltd
Dr David N and Pat Ostrow
Naz Panahi
David Paperny and Audrey Mehler
Platinum Naturals Ltd
Premise Properties Ltd
Wes Purdie and Yvette Chuang
Hong Wei Qi
Sandy Qi
Dr Jacquie Quandt
Ariel Qute
Annie Ramos
Dr Ramandeep Randhawa
Dr William D Regan
Almunir and Naz Remtulla
Bob Rennie, OBC and Carey Fouks
Philip Resnick
Dr Donald and Constance Ricci
George and Selma-Jo Richards
David and Pamela Richardson
John Folnovic and Charlene Ripley
Gloria Beauchamp and David Ritchie
Tammy Ritchie and Joe Sweeney
Dr Jeremy Road
Gretchen and Donald Ross
David Ross
Elsie and Gordon Rowntree
Peter C. Rozee
Bruce and Juanita Russell
Dr Frank Ryan
Dr Baljinder and Deb Salh
Barrie and Roxanne Sali
Dr Anthony and Irene Salvian
Sangara Family
Devi Sangara and Matt Queree
Kirpaul and Sheila Sangara
Antonie and Susan Schouten
Kathryn Seeley
Melanie and Eric Semlacher
Ron and Gurmeet Sengara
June Tipson and Tiang-Heng Seow
Howard and Donna Seter
Lily Shi and George Dang
Shirlyn and Eric Baskette
Shon Yee Benevolent Association of Canada
Chow Loi Shu
So M. Shum
Venerable Kai Tsung Sik
Dr Richard and Chris Simons
Sau Ying So
Sandy So Realty Ltd
Keith and Renee Solinsky and Family
Jason and Monica Soprovich
David and Susan Stadnk
Arran and Ratana Stephens and Nature’s Path Foods Inc
Andrée St-Germain
Andrew and Nancy Stonkus
Maxim Subbotin
Ying Lian Sun
Yong Fei Sun
Sun Life Financial
Jim and Julie Szabo
Dickey and Joeei Tam
Dr Tricia Tang and Russell Lundholm
Yuhan Tao
Dr David Taylor and Irene Loh
Dr Philip and Anda Teal
Ian W Telfer and Nancy Burke
Dean and Samantha Thomas
Alan and Doreen Thompson Charitable Foundation
L Scott Thomson and Caitlin Dunne
Dr Mari-Lynn Thomson
TRI Law Corporation
Clifford and Tina Tsang
Ernest Tsang
Pak Hang and Winnie Tse
Dr Hamed Umedaly and Dr Susan Purkiss
Jason Valerio
Dr Julianne and Gerrit van Schalkwyk
Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange
Hari Varshney, OBC and Madhu Varshney
Amir, Azim and Sophia Virani
Greg and Ava Vorwaller
W&M Accessories Inc
Dr Michelle Mezei and Dr Kevin Wade
Wah Shang Farm
Anna Wang
Zichao Wang
Tim and Kerri-Lee Watson
David and Stephanie Williams
Wilson and Miki Wong
Dr Maurice and Jane Wong
Richard and Grace Wong
Lydia Wong
Dr Hau Cheung Wong
Donald and Minako Wong
Felix Wong
Ken and Anne Woods
Ian Worland and Caroline Richardson
Xiaoxia Wu and Ching Kam
Esta Wu
William Chan and Michelle Woo
Steven Wu
Yun Jing Wu
Wen Bin Xiao
Han Ping Xuan
Jenny Xue and Fan Zhou
Eva Yang
Fei Yang
James and Joyce Yao
Henry and Susan Yen
Larry Yen
Eddie Yen
S L. Yong
Raymond Yu
Li Zhang
Rui Zhang and Qian Ma
Qing Zhang
Zing Zhang
Hong Zhao
Iris Zhao
Yu Ying Zheng and Dong He
Hong Ya Zhou
Jeff Zhou
Hank Zhou
Peter Z Zuo and Jian Xin Liang

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